The Four Seasons

The Dulles Four Seasons Suite allows you to communicate in style with each season or location in mind –– one color for your penthouse in Manhattan, one color for your chalet in Gstaad, one color for your estate in Palm Beach, and one color for your yearly trip to Capri. How chic! Essential for the seasonal traveler or as a gift for your spouse or your favorite couple.

To receive curated samples, a custom Dulles Note Pad, and initiate an order from anywhere, simply join the Dulles Stationery Club here.

As a Club Member, you have direct access to Emilie Dulles via email, text, and phone. Members can also meet with Emilie in person in DC, New York, Palm Beach, or Charleston seasonally. If you have any questions about joining the Dulles Stationery Club or have a project design not included here, please reach out to Emilie: or via 843.513.8146

The Dulles Four Seasons Suite is a unique way to order colored stock stationery for each season of your life. By keeping the same name, ink color, and lining color on 4 paper colors, we offer you a greater selection of colors and a lower cost than 4 individual orders of colored paper (200 in Four Seasons < 4 x 50 of each color). We will send you paper swatches via FedEx so you may pick the colors in person. There is 1 bespoke project that makes up the Dulles Four SeasonsSuite, which we will walk you through, step by step, with ease and joy. This expert printing project requires extensive design, numerous revisions. This process may require four to eight rounds of revisions and proofs prior to press. • 1 note card in 4 different stock colors • 1 matching envelope per stock color • 1 custom envelope lining (patterned or solid color) • Extra thick / 2-ply card stock (50 of each color) • Engraved in white ink or navy ink • Calligraphy artwork/hand-lettering for name (as desired) • Classic font or monogram from our curated collection