Engraving is the most exquisite form of printing.

If you drive German, wear French, travel Italian, and bank Swiss, you want to choose engraving for your stationery and event invitations.

Engraving, also referred to as die-stamping, involves the carving of your design into a metal die (or plate). Your ink color is then applied to the die, which is mounted to the engraving press. The press exerts great pressure in the stamping of the paper which is hand-fed one at a time. The result is raised ink on the front of the paper and the inimitable “bruise” of the press die on the back of the paper.

Running one’s fingers over ink and feeling a texture does not ensure it was engraved. Turn the paper over to see the “bruise” of engraving.

Dulles Designs custom engraving offers the fullest color saturation on any shade of our beautiful papers. Our engraving gives true vibrancy to metallic tones and crispness to white ink.

Included with your orders is the complimentary proper storage of your engraving dies in a secure location for easy reorders.

It is easy to place a Dulles Designs order from anywhere:

Contact@DullesDesigns.com or call or text 843.513.8146

1) You email or text your artwork, photos, family crest, and wording ideas to us
2) We share a quote, Emilie emails 3-4 custom designs, we tweak as needed, then go to print
3) In 2-3-4 weeks, we FedEx your bespoke stationery order anywhere in the world

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