Dulles Stationery Club Members come back to Emilie Dulles year after year for her polished and gracious etiquette formatting –– a priceless skill and value built in to every printed Dulles invitation and stationery suite.

Emilie Dulles’ etiquette formatting guidelines contain traditional and common sense standards of gracious socializing rather than rigid rules. Etiquette is especially relevant in our modern world and aims to make social and professional interactions more be enjoyable.
Growing up in Switzerland and in England, Emilie attended and printed for a plethora of formal events with guests of many nationalities and cultures. From those experiences, and a philosophy degree from Princeton, Emilie has honed her expertise in both formal and informal etiquette formatting.

Dulles Stationery Club Members value Emilie’s multi-cultural background and confident approach to handling delicate personal, professional, and public interactions advice with graciousness. Ask Emilie about “double envelopes” – she will gladly explain the reasoning behind this critical etiquette formatting guideline for formal events.

Dulles also offers American and international formatting recommendations for gracious business interactions and corporate communications.

Etiquette formatting consultations are complimentary with any printing project or journalistic article interview.