Calligraphy & Services

Exquisite paper selection. Stylish design. Custom engraving or letterpress.
Beveled edges. Custom envelope linings. Calligraphy addressed envelopes.
Strict guest list privacy. Hand-cancelled mail.

Bespoke stationery is part art, part science. From your initial consultation, be it in person or over the phone, Emilie will devise the best artwork, production specs, and logistics parameters for your custom stationery project. Dulles Designs’ proprietary mixture of astute custom stationery artistry honed over nearly three decades of experience is what sets Emilie apart from online print brokers and newbie graphic interns.

In addition to beautifully printed projects, Dulles Designs offers the highest level of bespoke event services and the most sumptuous calligraphy from hand-lettering to envelope address to seated dinner pieces. Dulles Designs clients trust Emilie to handle their projects with joyful professionalism, impeccable expertise, and iron-clad discretion.

For over nearly three decades, Dulles has handled and kept private some of the most sensitive guest lists in the world. Most projects are Emilie’s-eyes-only and only a small portion of Dulles projects are ever shared online or in print. No unpaid interns handle the information that our clients share with us, so there is no leaking of names or addresses on social media.

This full commitment to and understanding of client confidentiality is a steadfast pillar of Dulles Designs’ reputation and why most of our new clients are by word-of-mouth referrals.

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Subscribers can speak with Emilie, and be invited to meet Emilie in the Washington DC, New York, Palm Beach, and Charleston areas by private appointment or trunk show.
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