The Lifestyle Suite

Celebrate your lifestyle with joyful stationery. The Dulles Lifestyle Suite, including up to 6 bespoke projects, allows you to celebrate your lifestyle (crest, favorite sport, yacht, private jet, alma mater, musical instrument…) and indulge in your love of exquisite stationery with a custom rendering of your lifestyle icon, gorgeous calligraphy hand-lettering, and beautiful finishing touches such as hand-painted beveled edges and custom patterned envelope linings. Estimates are approximated below based on the quantity of project within your suite.

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As a Club Member, you have direct access to Emilie Dulles via email, text, and phone. Members can also meet with Emilie in person in DC, New York, Palm Beach, or Charleston seasonally. If you have any questions about joining the Dulles Stationery Club or have a project design not included here, please reach out to Emilie: or via 843.513.8146

The Dulles Lifestyle Suite is the ultimate celebration and communication of your lifestyle on exquisite stationery. Once we have the rendering of your lifestyle icon (crest, favorite sport, yacht, private jet, alma mater, musical instrument…), we can produce a plethora of custom projects for you now and in perpetuity. There are 6 bespoke projects that make up the Dulles Lifestyle Suite, which we will walk you through, step by step, with ease and joy.

This elaborate printing project requires extensive design and numerous revisions. This process may require four to eight rounds of revisions and proofs prior to press.

• 1 note card
• 1 matching envelope
• 1 custom envelope lining (patterned or solid color)
• 1 calling card
• 1 cocktail napkin
• 1 luncheon napkin
• 1 guest towel
• 1 shatterproof 16oz cocktail cup

• Extra thick / 2-ply card stock
• Engraved or letterpressed in 1 color (stationery – not napkin/cup)

• Calligraphy artwork/hand-lettering for name (as desired)
• Classic font or monogram from our curated collection
• Classic motif from our curated collection