Giving Stationery as a Gift

Custom stationery is the perfect gift for
extraordinary people in your life who may be hard to shop for.

If you know they are passionate about fine papers, formal etiquette, and traditional manners, sumptuous stationery they can customize will make the perfect gift.

The perfect wording and design, using thick card stock with an engraved, embossed, or letter pressed name, adorned with a monogram, initials, or crest is what Emilie Dulles is best known for delivering to clients flawlessly.

A Dulles Stationery Club Membership is also the perfect gift for those who “have everything,” especially for children, grandchildren, and dear friends. Club Members trust Emilie to handle each project from start to finish, and often order sets for multiple loved ones all at the same time, especially prior to holiday seasons, graduations, and special milestones.

When you give bespoke stationery, you show a level of care that impresses the recipient. To make your gift truly outstanding, Emilie expertly interprets the person’s aesthetic into custom stationery, calling cards, or note pads –– without ever meeting your recipient.

Parents often gift stationery to their children to instill the values of writing personal ‘thank you’ notes. Every time your gift is used, the recipient is reminded of your generosity and thoughtfulness.

If you are pressed for time or want the recipient to be a part of the creative process, gift certificates from $125 to $1500 or more are available in addition to the initial Dulles Stationery Club Membership.


To initiate an order from anywhere, simply join the Dulles Stationery Club ($125) here.

As a Dulles Stationery Club Member, you are directly connected to Emilie Dulles via email, text, and phone. Club Members can also meet with Emilie in the Washington, New York, Palm Beach, and Charleston areas by private appointment. If you have questions or are ready to begin a project, please reach out via or via 843.513.8146