Corporate, Law & Boutique

Elegant printing and design for your
business office, law firm, or corporate event.

If your clients are worldly, educated, elegant, and invest considerably in your products or services, fine printing and stationery from Dulles Designs is a perfect fit.

Combining an elegant logo or monogram design, worded and typeset flawlessly, using thick card stock with an engraved, embossed, or letter pressed name, initials, or crest is what Dulles Designs is best known for delivering to clients –– so you can impress your clients.

Dulles Stationery Club members trust Emilie to handle each project from start to finish, and often order sets for multiple partners and associates at the same time, especially in time for major conferences, events, and client interactions.

When you present bespoke stationery, business cards, and related marketing materials to clients, you show a level of detail and professionalism that competes for their business. Emilie Dulles expertly interprets your firm’s aesthetic into custom printing, year after year as your office progresses.

Dulles Stationery Club members often order corporate stationery for their entire company, property, or resort, to stimulate personal ‘thank you’ notes and business correspondence at every level of their organization.

Every time your company logo, name, and brand are viewed in the marketplace, each recipient is reminded of your professionalism and stature.

Corporate gift certificates are also available from $500 to $2500 or more per associate.


To initiate an order from anywhere, simply join the Dulles Stationery Club ($125) here.

As a Dulles Stationery Club Member, you are directly connected to Emilie Dulles via email, text, and phone. Club Members can also meet with Emilie in the Washington, New York, Palm Beach, and Charleston areas by private appointment. If you have questions or are ready to begin a project, please reach out via or via 843.513.8146