Engraving is a historic, luxurious, and elegant printing process. Engraving gives us the fullest color saturation, allowing each hue to pop on any shade of paper, giving true vibrancy to metallic tones and crispness to white ink. Traditionally used for formal and classic wedding, ambassadorial, and significant event invitations, engraving remains exquisite.

Engraving, also referred to as die-stamping, involves the carving of a steel or copper die or plate with your text and/or design. Your selected ink color is then applied to the plate on the engraving press. The press exerts great pressure in the stamping of the paper with the plate resulting in the raised ink on the front of the stock and the inimitable “bruise” of the press plate on the back of the stock.

Running one’s fingers over text and feeling a texture does not ensure it has been engraved. Turn the card over to check for the mark of engraving .

Emilie Dulles appreciates the extensive applications of engraving, and its production parameters, to provide a stunning paper project. Emilie also ensures the proper storage and care for your engraving plates or dies in a secure location.

Dulles offers the finest engraving on the most sumptuous papers for the occasions that require lasting elegance.