Calligraphy is the fine art of beautifully hand-lettered writing and addressing of envelopes, escort cards, and place cards. Calligraphy and hand-lettering are a cornerstone of the bespoke Dulles style and process. Emilie’s expert team of vetted calligraphers are the best in the world.

Since the envelope is the first visible element of any invitation, announcement, or note, our calligraphy-addressed envelope creates a memorable impression on each recipient. Nearly all of our most stunning invitations, stationery, and custom printing projects involve calligraphy and hand-lettering.

Calligraphy not only impresses your guests before they see the contents of your envelope, but the coordinating hand-lettered engraving or letterpress pieces inside the envelope then express the incredible care and thoughtfulness that go into the planning of your event thanks to its Dulles exquisite stationery suite.

Make no mistake, the artful process of calligraphy sets a thorough and gracious tone that trumps any quick and easy laser printed attempt. Our custom-blended calligraphy inks are visibly and texturally distinctive. Metallic and white inks are especially gorgeous and inimitable.

Calligraphy is not inexpensive. Each calligraphy project is one-of-a-kind and requires advance consultation, planning, and organization all of which Emilie will handle for you. Most samples shown throughout our website contain at least one element of custom calligraphy or hand-lettering.

Prior to having your envelopes addressed, Emilie Dulles personally combs through your guest list for etiquette, salutation, and sensitive addressing inconsistencies, reviewing your entire wedding, anniversary, or seated dinner project multiple times for 100% accuracy prior to hand-cancelled mailing.